SOP for Shops, Malls, Gatherings, Place of Worship Etc Issued by Assam Government | Details inside

GUWAHATI: The Assam government has issued new guidelines amid the gradual increase in COVID-19 cases and in order to bring into control the pandemic, the government has imposed restrictions on certain activities. The new guidelines will come into effect from Tuesday (April 20) till April 30 or until further notice.

The new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s issued by the government are:

• The grocery shops, shopping malls shall remain closed from 6 PM onwards starting today (April 20)

• Any function to be organized in open places shall have to take permission from the district administration

• Any gatherings to be organized within closed doors will be permitted with 50 percent people

• Marriages should be conducted with 100 people
Only 20 persons will be allowed to attend funeral

• Religious places/ places of worship should be allowed to be operated with 20 persons per hour, except the iconic religious places where it can be 50 persons per hour. However, if any religious place has only a small area, the management committee of such religious institution shall downsize the number of attendees accordingly

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