Latest SOP for Educational Institutions in Assam issued by Assam Government

The Assam government has issued new guidelines amid the gradual increase in COVID-19 cases and in order to bring into control the pandemic, the government has imposed restrictions on certain activities. The new guidelines will come into effect from Tuesday (April 20) till April 30 or until further notice.

SOPs for Educational Institutions

All Educational Institutions including Schools/Colleges/Universities must provide quality virtual options

Not more than 50% students should attend in person on any day. 

Schools should stagger class timings so that large scale release of students doesn’t arise.

Morning assembly/special assembly etc. in the school shall be avoided.

Preference to be given on online mode of teaching for primary classes.

Education Department will issue detail guideline/SOP for uninterrupted education service keeping in view of the COVID-19 precautionary measures.

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