Ceremonial sowing of Sali paddy seeds by Phani Bhusan Choudhury, MLA for raising Community Nursery

Bongaigaon,July 3 : Today ceremonial seed sowing for raising community nursery of sali paddy seedlings at Bidyapur was done by Phani Bhusan Choudhury, MLA of Bongaigaon LAC and Dr. M S Lakshmi Priya,IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Bongaigaon.To meet up the necessity of seedlings after damage of paddy field in flood, District Agriculture department has started sowing of Sali paddy seeds from today onwards under the scheme of Rastriya Krisi Vikash Yojana.In Bidyapur sowing of BINA-11variety of paddy seeds have been done in 2.5 hactors land.Bhaskar Das, District Development Commissioner, Bongaigaon and Sanjoy Sengupta,District Agriculture Officer were also present there.Sowing of Sali paddy seedlings will be done in two phases to meet up necessities for damages of paddyfield in flood at different time. 

Including Bidyapur at various points like Deohati, Kherpuji, Kacharipara pt.1, Kokila- Moulabipara Kotashbari and Golapara pt. iv seeds sowing of BINA-11, Bahadur Sub-1 etc.varieties have been done in presence of SDO(C), COs etc. and agriculture officials today.

        Community Nursery will be raised of Sali paddy seedlings at 85 hactors land in Bongaigaon district in total twelve points.

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