BONGAIGAON : Inauguration of Community Toilet made out of 8000 discarded plastic bottles

BONGAIGAON: The Community Toilet constructed using discarded plastic bottles by District Water and Sanitation Committee, Bongaigaon at Gandhi Maidan was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Bongaigaon Dr. M.S. Lakshmi Priya, IAS today at 9 in the morning in the presence of EE PHE and all staff and other concerned officials and general public. The community toilet was constructed using almost 8000 discarded plastic bottles instead of bricks. Cement, sand, mortar, putty, gypsum etc.filled in bottles were closed tightly for getting desired strength and then used as bricks for different stages of construction. While inaugurating the toilet Deputy Commissioner Bongaigaon said that it is a very honest and creative effort to make Bongaigaon Plastic free and to ensure proper management of plastic waste dispose. Further she added that the toilet will set a mark for this innovative way of 'reusing plastics'. 

  A plastic bottle needs almost 450 years to get decomposed which results in infertility of the soil and the initiative of such a wonderful way of reusing plastic bottles in construction purposes can definitely contribute in saving nature.

Nayan Nath, a local boy from Dholagaon was the artisan behind the construction of this community toilet. PHE, Department is looking forward to start a garden around the toilet using plastic bottles very soon.

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