Now Devotees Can Enter Kamakhya Temple without COVID-19 Testing

GUWAHATI: From today, 16th of December onwards, devotees need not get a COVID-19 test to enter the premises of Kamakhya temple in Guwahati.

However, the COVID-19 negative results have to be produced by those who wish to enter the sanctum sanctorum, the 'shakti peeth' of the temple.

Mohit Sarma, Chief Priest of the Kamakhya Devalaya told "Earlier we asked for a COVID-19 negative result from devotees who wanted to enter the main campus, but many were seen crowding the steps leading to the gate. So now we are allowing people without test at the premises. But to stand in the queue and enter the main temple people need to have a negative report."

The testing can either be done at the foothill of the Nilachal hill where a testing camp has been set up by authorities or a pre-testing result with 72 hours validity can also be shown prior to entry.

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