Post-COVID, kids may face multi-organ problems

GUWAHATI: Covid-19 is known to have a less severe manifestation in children. However, the virus is now showing a severe post-infection response, leading to Multi-Inflammation Syndrome (MIS), causing inflammation of various organs in children. Though its occurrence rare, at least 42 children have been admitted in government hospitals of Telangana with MIS. 

According to doctors, MIS is a multi-organ disease seen in both children as well as adolescent and young adults, and the symptoms appear in the third week of Covid-19 infection. 

“It could be in the form of chest pain, a rash appearing on the body, conjunctivitis, abdominal pains, swelling in the neck or even seizures and septic shock,” said Dr B Narahari, Associate Professor, Niloufer Hospital. 

He said that the Niloufer Hospital has treated four such patients till date, while the State’s nodal Covid-19 facility, Gandhi Hospital has treated 38 patients.

Forty-two cases may seem like a small number, considering that nearly 26,883 Covid-19 cases were reported among those below 20 years of age in the State. 

But the doctors note it is not to be taken lightly as a delay in treatment can lead to life-threatening organ dysfunction and even death. Of the 42 reported cases in the State, the syndrome proved fatal for four children. 

“Early detection is very crucial as children are mostly asymptomatic or recover after fever. However, parents must continue to monitor them even after recovery as this is a delayed immune-mediated complication of Covid-19 and has to be immediately ascertained with blood tests and other investigations,” Dr Narahari said.

MIS is a common response among adults as well. It is typically seen in the second week of Covid-19 infection, while the virus is still present in the body.

In children, however, it is being seen in the third week after they test negative or towards the end of the infection. 

In Gandhi Hospital, doctors also found MIS symptoms in 10 pediatric cases in the midst of the Coronavirus infection as well. 

“Of the 400 to 500 cases we have dealt with, 10 had MIS which appeared in first 10 days of Covid-19 infection,” a doctor from Gandhi Hospital said, highlighting the need for strict observation of children with Covid.

Common symptoms

As per the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Goa chapter, MIS occurs commonly in children above 10 years of age. The common symptoms are abdominal pain, low platelet count and cardiac dysfunction.

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